Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder (Lilac Fever) por Yanko Tsvetkov

Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder (Lilac Fever)
Titulo del libro : Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder (Lilac Fever)
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 12, 2018
Autor : Yanko Tsvetkov
Número de páginas : 136
ISBN : 9788409018628
Editor : Alphadesigner

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Yanko Tsvetkov con Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder (Lilac Fever)

Páginas: 136 Géneros: 12:FMR:Fantasy romance 12:FM:Fantasy Sinopsis: Part political satire, part meditation on love, this eclectic story cycle spans multiple genres, from comic fantasy to horror and science fiction. Inspired by the classic One Thousand and One Nights and medieval travelogues, bestselling author and renowned atheist Yanko Tsvetkov indulges his fascination with creation myths and builds a world full of wonder and mystery.As a visual artist Yanko Tsvetkov (known under the pseudonym Alphadesigner) has always defied characterization. His debut as a non-fiction writer, Atlas of Prejudice, propelled him to international fame, becoming a bestseller in seven languages, from Turkish to Mandarin. The stories in Sex, Drugs and Tales of Wonder prove he ,s an equally skillful writer of fiction, a form in which his imagination is unconstrained._,