The Drum Handbook por Geoff Nicholls

The Drum Handbook
Titulo del libro : The Drum Handbook
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 1, 2004
Autor : Geoff Nicholls
Número de páginas : 162
ISBN : 9780879307509

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Geoff Nicholls con The Drum Handbook

Idioma: Inglés
Autor: Geoff Nicholls
Editor: Backbeat Books

Buying, Maintaining and Getting the Best from Your Drum Kit. Drummers from beginners to pros will relish this comprehensive guide to the tools of the trade! The Drum Handbook gives you the in-depth knowledge you need to choose the whole range of gear, including drums, cymbals, hardware, heads and sticks - new, used and vintage. Includes info on setting up, tuning and maintenance, plus tips from top pros on gear, recording, playing live and surviving on the road. Fully illustrated and authoritatively written, this book includes a website directory and an exhaustive glossary of technical terms.